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Wavekarting® is a unique patented outdoor water sport activity at the Belgian-Dutch coast. You are at the wheel of a motorboat and sail over the waves of the North Sea. Because of the construction of the Wavekart you are super safe on the water.

This makes Wavekarting "the new" water sports attraction on our coast. From young to old and from quiet fan to the extreme kick seeker. Everyone can enjoy a trip on the North Sea in his or her own way. You must have done this!

Throughout the activity you will be guided by experienced instructors. Beforehand they give you a technical briefing and of course we go over the safety procedures very thoroughly. At sea, the instructors strictly enforce the safety rules, making this motorsport 100% safe.

Since you sail yourself, you determine your own pace. You do not need a sailing licence.

A few days at the coast? Then definitely come and visit us. For more information you can watch our Youtube chennel Wavekarting. There are a lot of videos of people who have been wavekarting with us recently.

Are you alone but do you want to sail in a group? That is also possible. Contact us for an appointment.

Wavekarting® is also an unforgettable experience for you. A unique and exclusive sportive way to discover sun, sea and waves, and this from the port of Cadzand.

Wavekarting® Xplore For Kids

Wavekarting® is a sport in which young and old feel great. After all, our oldest participant was 88 years old and took part in the summer of 2015.

Kids up to 13 years old can always join on Sundays at a reduced rate. From the age of 8, you and your children are welcome to join the tour. It goes without saying that you, as an adult pilot, are the best judge of how sporty you want to make the trip.

As it is 100% safe, this also means that there is no danger of falling out of the Wavekart. As long as you follow the instructions of the guides together, this will be the ultimate trip. Something your son or daughter will talk about for a long time.

Wavekarting® Deluxe

Wavekarting® Deluxe s an extension for groups and companies: extra long sailing over the waves and champagne afterwards. A sensational experience.

You sail 1h20' and once back in the harbor, there is a glass of champagne for every participant.

Wavekarting® Deluxe Deluxe takes two hours: 10' changing clothes, 25' briefing, 1h20' sailing and 15' champagne.

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Dit bericht is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch French

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