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Started on 24 June 2024

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Red Shark Bikes, the maker of the pedal boat or water paddle, is sold by Seaquest in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you are interested in testing or renting one, please contact Knokke Boat who rents out the bikes in Cadzand and Knokke.

It is a very functional water bike that allows you to move through the water in a smooth and quiet way. The bike is formed by one inflatable body in the shape of a pedal with a chassis. This design combines the best features of a surfboard and a water bike.

  • The central hull or inflatable board provides buoyancy
  • The chassis (self-supporting) contains the steering, traction and saddle elements. The chassis connects to the inflatable board without any aids.

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Dit bericht is ook beschikbaar in: French

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