New prices for boat training and 10% discount on seal spotting and wave karting

We have adjusted our current prices for the online theory lessons. In addition, we give 10% discount for seal spotting and Wavekarting with code EARLYBIRDS2021. So we can make it a nice and safe year.

New prices for boat training

Due to the current circumstances, the theory lessons are currently given online. Therefore, we also adjust our prices for this. The new prices are as follows:

1 Online theory course via ZOOM live session = € 99  (€ 130)
2 Course material Course book, Sea chart, Breton compass / plotter = € 85
3 Practical training = € 195
4 Total package 1+2+3 = €349

For more information or to register for the sailing course, click here.

Discount seal spotting and wave karting

Knokke Boat gives 10% discount for all bookings,for seal spotting and Wavekarting placed before 1 March 2021. Use the code earlybirds2021 to receive your discount.

We wish you a lot of boating pleasure.

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